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Nimbix Cloud now compatible with the Xilinx SDAccel development environment

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Posted Monday, November 14, 2016 by CHRISTIAN HARGRAVE, Assignment Editor

Nimbix Cloud now compatible with the Xilinx SDAccel development environment
Nimbix, an HPC cloud platform provider just announced the immediate availability of the Xilinx SDAccel development environment for on-demand development, testing, and deployment of FPGA-accelerated workflows in the Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE. The SDAccel development environment combines the industry's first architecturally optimizing compiler supporting any combination of OpenCL, C, and C++ kernels, along with libraries, development boards and industry standard development and run‐time experience for FPGAs.

The new offering will dramatically lower the barrier to leveraging the high performance, energy efficient power of FPGAs to accelerate high end computational workflows across all industries. Developers can now run these tools in the cloud and then test and deploy on the latest Xilinx-accelerated hardware with no upfront investment or equipment purchases.

Together with Xilinx and the broader scientific computing community, Nimbix is also working to onboard FPGA-optimized turnkey workflows for popular machine learning and data science frameworks. Additionally, developers can take advantage of Nimbix’s newest feature PushToCompute, which offers a containerized continuous integration and continuous deployment capability. This feature allows developers to build, test, and deploy FPGA-accelerated applications into the JARVICE marketplace.


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