Dolby's Narrate app lets you add voice-overs to videos

Posted 10/13/2016 10:12:02 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

The new Narrate app by Dolby will amaze iPhone users the way the renown sound quality lab has delighted cinema fans and home audiophiles for years. Narrate allows iPhone users to become storytellers by adding their own voice to videos on mobile devices.

Here's what Narrate can do:

- Add personalized narration so you can tell your own story.

- Remove background noise, when recording your narration. For example, record a concert and later add your own narration that blends seamlessly while telling the story of your experience, and then share it.

- Add dynamic mixing to your narration and your original audio, similar to that of a director’s commentary. You can be ages 8 - 88 and have this easy to use app to tell your own unique story, all accomplished via renowned Dolby quality. Both background noise removal and dynamic mixing are features that are unique to our solution.

- Be funny using voice fonts. These are sound filters, effects that alter your voice like an audio version of Snapchat filters. You can sound like an alien or a baby, and more, adding humor to your storytelling.

- Use an iMessage extension, which works with iOS 10, allowing storytellers to easily create and share their narrated videos without leaving the iMessage app.

“Dolby sound quality is not just for industry filmmakers anymore,” said John Griffin, VP of the Dolby Interactive Entertainment Group. “Today everyone directs, shoots and stars in their own videos, and we are pleased to introduce the Narrate iPhone mobile app experience to enhance their storytelling efforts.”

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