Planview releases update to Innotas Project Portfolio Management

Posted 10/7/2016 1:04:47 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Planview releases update to Innotas Project Portfolio Management
Planview recently released a new version of the Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that features a built-in integration with the Projectplace work collaboration tool and a significant enhancement to the Innotas user experience. 

This is the first product release since Planview acquired Innotas and represents an accelerated advancement of their cloud-based IT project portfolio management offering.

The new Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution gives Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO), PMO, project managers and team members the market-leading project portfolio and resource management capabilities of Innotas along with the team-centric collaboration and Kanban-based task management capabilities of Projectplace. 

The new Innotas user experience includes:

- Streamlined User Interface - Features a modern, flat design with improved graphical layouts and additional configurability for individual users. Fewer clicks to get to relevant information saves project managers time that can now be spent on higher-value tasks.

- Self-Service Administration – Empowers organizations to configure their Innotas deployment, reducing the time to implement and allowing for streamlined use cases that are customer-specific and drive user adoption.

- New Reporting Functionality – Enables reporting at the organization, team or department level, helping to improve communication with stakeholders. Audit history reporting and enterprise permissions are now also integrated into the solution.

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