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Storyteller for JIRA Helps You Transition to Agile
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Storyteller for JIRA Helps You Transition to Agile

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Agile Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blueprint has announced “Storyteller for JIRA,” which will enable small and mid-sized businesses that are transitioning to Agile become more efficient, eliminating project delays by automatically generating high quality user stories and acceptance criteria and pushing them directly into JIRA.

Storyteller for JIRA helps efficiency:

- Defining customer journeys: Stakeholders across the organization can now easily define customer journeys as familiar process flows, with tasks, decision points and detailed condition statements – saving time, money and rework.

- Better user stories: With the click of a button, stakeholders automatically generate user stories and acceptance criteria for the next sprint. User stories are reliable and consistent, and companies no longer need to expend time and resources to train people on how to write them.

- Improving collaboration: Storyteller for JIRA improves the quality of user stories and removes the bottleneck and burden of Product Owners having to understand all elements independently. This creates a more collaborative process that is far less likely to miss important requirements, which can result in failure.

Ruth Zive, vice president of marketing, Blueprint Software, said: “Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile can cause many issues for organizations. A critical issue here is that business stakeholders and analysts don’t know how to write good user stories. Storyteller for JIRA solves this issue by creating a visual process that doesn’t rely on lengthy training or a wall full of sticky notes. With just a few clicks and easily answered questions, user stories are automatically generated, streamlining and accelerating the development process.” 

Read more: https://blueprintsys.wistia.com/medias/qgutc9nf75

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