8/17/2016 1:00:09 PM
Sumo Logic Announces General Availability for ULM
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Sumo Logic Announces General Availability for ULM

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Sumo Logic Announces General Availability for ULM

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sumo Logic announced the general availability of Unified Logs and Metrics (ULM) - the industry’s first machine data analytics platform to natively ingest, index and analyze structured metrics data and unstructured log data together in real-time.
The early access program for ULM has seen broad customer demand from organizations pioneering the use of modern applications, who require correlation of log and metric data into a single pane for faster root cause analysis and troubleshooting, as well as better cross-team collaboration.
Traditional siloed tools for monitoring are ineffective for today’s modern applications, which are fundamentally based on complex architectures. Full-stack visibility is required for any meaningful troubleshooting. Sumo Logic’s ULM platform has the ability to handle the unique structure types of log and time-series metrics data natively to make log and metric analytics viewable in real-time via graphical, interactive dashboards.

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