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RUM Testing Comes to SOASTA's DPM Platform

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Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2016 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

RUM Testing Comes to SOASTAs DPM Platform
SOASTA has added Real User Monitoring (RUM)-based testing to its Digital Performance Management (DPM) Platform. The new RUM testing is based on real user engagement data collected and analyzed by SOASTA’s mPulse solution.

SOASTA’s DPM offers a data-centric approach to performance management in which web and mobile applications are continuously measured, tested and optimized. The addition of RUM-based testing to the platform offers a convergence of data, analysis, planning and reporting, providing contextual intelligence in real time and at scale.

The RUM-based Testing solution provides accurate performance test plans for websites and applications using data science techniques. Through analysis of RUM data - such as user paths, user bounce rates, user think time, user geography, web vs. mobile, device type, network type, first-party vs. third-party resource, and peak analysis -  companies can generate automated test reports that tell them what to test, when to test, where to test and how to test. 

The new RUM testing capability provides the ability to learn:

- Exactly when previous peak traffic windows were – down to the second.

- Which geographic locations users came from.

- Ramp times on a per-test-case basis and overall execution times, matching the previous year’s peak and applying growth for year-over-year increases in traffic.

In addition to RUM-based testing as part of SOASTA’s mPulse, the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Platform also includes CloudTest for integrated load testing, TouchTest for mobile performance and functional test automation, Data Science Workbench for advanced performance analytics and SOASTA DOC for unified presentation of all aspects of digital performance, as well as installation and consulting services.


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