Learn Ruby or Javascript for Free With Flatiron's School Online Courses

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Posted 8/3/2016 3:03:15 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Learn Ruby or Javascript for Free With Flatiron
The Flatiron School, located in NYC, has launched four new online application programming courses as part of the school’s Online Campus. Two are free and two are certificate courses available for a fee. 

Free Courses

The two free courses include provide an introduction to Ruby and JavaScript. These courses offer 30 to 50 hours of self-paced, test driven curriculum filled with interactive coding labs designed to introduce participants to the two programming languages.

With the JavaScript course, participants will build a Konami code program and a working game in JavaScript. Students will also master the latest JavaScript syntax and techniques to provide a base into further learning. The intro to Ruby course also provides instruction for writing simple methods for basic tasks and encapsulating application logic. Students will have the opportunity to program a working version of a simple object oriented game.

Certificate Courses

The “Ruby: Building Command-Line Applications” certificate course provides the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of modern Ruby web development to create rich command-line applications such as a Data Scraper and a Music Library Organizer. Students will master iterating over collections of data, write modular and reusable code, and pull data from web APIs. This course covers eight core topics.

The “JavaScript: Creating Interactive Websites” certificate course provides the chance to sharpen JavaScript skillset by learning both functional and object-oriented programming. Students will modularize applications with client-side templates, interact with web APIs, and more. This course will provide the foundation for building fully interactive, user-facing applications.

Each certificate course includes 120 plus hours of curriculum and 1:1 instructor assessments as well as 24/7 live support. Students will build out a code portfolio and earn a certificate from Flatiron School. The school offers a 3 day free trial for each course and tuition of $990.

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