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New Relic Now Offers Browser Monitoring for SPAs

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7/12/2016 6:02:35 PM
New Relic Now Offers Browser Monitoring for SPAs
Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

New Relic Now Offers Browser Monitoring for SPAs
New Relic has announced updates to its New Relic Browser providing new support for web applications built with single-page application (SPA) frameworks and libraries. When combined with New Relic APM, the browser monitoring for SPAs will allow users to have end-to-end visibility of their application’s performance, from the front-end to the services it is running on.

New Relic Browser’s new enhanced SPA support offers the following:

- Framework-agnostic instrumentation that allows monitoring of any JavaScript framework of choice, including Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, or even custom frameworks.

- Reporting on SPA route-change performance by enabling software teams to track the transition of how the user went from one view to another view, alongside traditional page load performance, with component-level data that can be customized to create fully personalized SPA reporting.

In addition to New Relic Browser’s existing JavaScript errors and AJAX performance monitoring capabilities, route-change data will be incorporated throughout the New Relic Browser so users will have a more complete picture of their SPAs performance. Additionally, all SPA application data is fully reportable and queryable by New Relic Insights for investigation and real-time dashboarding.

New Relic’s enhanced monitoring for SPAs is available now in private beta and will be generally available later this year. New Relic’s SPA monitoring will require the latest New Relic JavaScript Agent.


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