Crunchy Data Releases Set of Docker Containers and Kubernetes Services for PostgreSQL

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Posted 6/29/2016 7:02:19 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Crunchy Data Releases Set of Docker Containers and Kubernetes Services for PostgreSQL
Crunchy Data has announced that it is open sourcing its Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite, a pre-packaged set of Docker containers and Kubernetes services for running and managing the PostgreSQL open source database in cloud native Kubernetes environments with a full set of management micro-services. 

PostgreSQL offers an open source, object-relational database system. The release of Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite brings PostgreSQL RDBMS to cloud native architectures and includes a full set of management micro-services to help data architects to run and manage PostgreSQL databases in Linux containers.

The platform features a set of pre-packaged Docker containers and Kubernetes services that allow teams to run and manage PostgreSQL in Kubernetes-based environments, such as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The Container Suite includes a containerized version of Crunchy PostgreSQL 9.5 with the PostGIS extension, along with eight different PostgreSQL management micro-services packaged in containers. 

The set of open sourced Crunchy PostgreSQL containers include:

- crunchy-postgres:  Runs Crunchy PostgreSQL (with PostGIS) and performs a backup restore.

- crunchy-backup: Performs a pg_basebackup on a database container.

- crunchy-pgbadger: Hosts a simple http server that executes pgbadger against a database container to produce HTML reports that provide detailed PostgreSQL log analysis.

- crunchy-pgpool: Provides a pgpool container that lets applications access a PostgreSQL cluster via a single connection.

- crunchy-collect: Collects 32 different PostgreSQL metrics from a database container and pushed them to a Prometheus time series data store.

- crunchy-grafana: Provides a web based graphing dashboard for collected PostgreSQL metrics.

- crunchy-prometheus: Provides a Prometheus datastore for metrics collection.

- crunchy-pgbouncer: Provides a simple form of automated failover as well as basic pg_bouncer connection pooling.

- crunchy-watch: Provides a form of automated failover by watching a PostgreSQL cluster’s master and triggers a failover on a slave if the master is not responding

The company also announced that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to drive the adoption of new technologies -- including containers and micro-services -- that are optimized for highly scalable distributed systems environments.

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