6/29/2016 7:02:19 PM
Crunchy Data Releases Set of Docker Containers and Kubernetes Services for PostgreSQL
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Crunchy Data Releases Set of Docker Containers and Kubernetes Services for PostgreSQL

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Open Source Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Crunchy Data has announced that it is open sourcing its Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite, a pre-packaged set of Docker containers and Kubernetes services for running and managing the PostgreSQL open source database in cloud native Kubernetes environments with a full set of management micro-services. 

PostgreSQL offers an open source, object-relational database system. The release of Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite brings PostgreSQL RDBMS to cloud native architectures and includes a full set of management micro-services to help data architects to run and manage PostgreSQL databases in Linux containers.

The platform features a set of pre-packaged Docker containers and Kubernetes services that allow teams to run and manage PostgreSQL in Kubernetes-based environments, such as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The Container Suite includes a containerized version of Crunchy PostgreSQL 9.5 with the PostGIS extension, along with eight different PostgreSQL management micro-services packaged in containers. 

The set of open sourced Crunchy PostgreSQL containers include:

- crunchy-postgres:  Runs Crunchy PostgreSQL (with PostGIS) and performs a backup restore.

- crunchy-backup: Performs a pg_basebackup on a database container.

- crunchy-pgbadger: Hosts a simple http server that executes pgbadger against a database container to produce HTML reports that provide detailed PostgreSQL log analysis.

- crunchy-pgpool: Provides a pgpool container that lets applications access a PostgreSQL cluster via a single connection.

- crunchy-collect: Collects 32 different PostgreSQL metrics from a database container and pushed them to a Prometheus time series data store.

- crunchy-grafana: Provides a web based graphing dashboard for collected PostgreSQL metrics.

- crunchy-prometheus: Provides a Prometheus datastore for metrics collection.

- crunchy-pgbouncer: Provides a simple form of automated failover as well as basic pg_bouncer connection pooling.

- crunchy-watch: Provides a form of automated failover by watching a PostgreSQL cluster’s master and triggers a failover on a slave if the master is not responding

The company also announced that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to drive the adoption of new technologies -- including containers and micro-services -- that are optimized for highly scalable distributed systems environments.

Read more: http://crunchydata.com/crunchy-postgresql-containe...


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