6/16/2016 1:02:09 PM
DBmaestro Releases Updates to TeamWork Database Automation Platform
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DBmaestro Releases Updates to TeamWork Database Automation Platform

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in DevOps Thursday, June 16, 2016

DBmaestro has released the latest version of its TeamWork continuous delivery/continuous integration database automation platform. 

TeamWork Version 5.1 improves the platform’s database release automation interoperability to support integration with all sources of database changes, while predicting the success of database deployments and alerting for configuration drift. It also includes a number of security upgrades and improvements to integrations with solutions such as Jira, Jenkins and CA Release Automation.

DBmaestro V5.1 enhanced interoperability offers the ability to turn existing change processes into a stable, predictable and reliable release automation process. Any update package or database update script can be managed by DBmaestro’s release automation solution, and leverage its risk evading smart validators and drift detectors before and after deployments. TeamWork provides support for smart deployments between different environments, labels and user stories, as well as support for rollbacks in case of need.

DBmaestro TeamWork offers three levels of service including:

- Standard: Enforced source control, Impact analysis + build engine, and IDE Integration

- Professional: All Standard Edition features plus Task management Integration, Reports, and APIs & Command line interface

- Enterprise: All Standard and Professional Edition features plus Custom Task management Integration, Continuous delivery pipeline builder (+ release automation integration), TeamWork Authorization Manager, and Enhanced Authentication (CyberArk vault integration)

Read more: http://www.dbmaestro.com/product/product/

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