Ixia Releases Agile Application Performance and Security Resilience Test Tool

Posted 6/14/2016 2:02:18 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Ixia Releases Agile Application Performance and Security Resilience Test Tool
Ixia has released the new Ixia Developer platform, an agile application performance and security resilience tool that helps developers find bugs and vulnerabilities early in the development process.

Ixia Developer offers a virtualized solution that generates realistic application traffic along with malicious attacks and automated threats, enabling developers to find bugs and application vulnerabilities as they write code. Ixia Developer features an integrated debugger that helps locate the primary source of defects and also offers the ability to import and replay packet captures.

Developers have the ability to automate and/or embed Ixia Developer in continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) frameworks using REST APIs and a command line interface. Platform features include:

- Provides OVA or QCOW2 small footprint (<1GB) VM image
- Includes more than 290 apps, with monthly updates
- Features more than 30,000 security strikes, with monthly updates
- Enables importing and replay of any packet capture
- Allows user to set breakpoints and execute step-by-step, or to next breakpoint
- Delivers continuous capture
- Offers built-in roadmap feedback loop

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