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How to Create an Effective App Startup Pitch Deck
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How to Create an Effective App Startup Pitch Deck

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ROKO Labs has created a new infographic, How to Create an Effective Pitch Deck for Startups, that provides an informal roadmap showing the path to app pitching success for entrepreneurs.

The infographic is the result of the company‚Äôs participation in the App Idea Awards where company representatives helped review 600 pitch decks that were submitted. The company reviewed what pitches did best and what did not work so well to provide insight into creating the infographic. 

ROKO Labs offers the ROKO Mobi app user engagement platform which is accessed through SDKs for iOS and Android. The platform offers messaging, deep linking and analytics functionality. 

Startup Pitch Deck

Read more: https://www.roko.mobi/


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