Mag + Releases New App Drag and Drop iOS and Android App Creator

Posted 6/13/2016 5:38:27 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Mag + Releases New App Drag and Drop iOS and Android App Creator
Mag + has announced the release of its new Semble drag and drop app creator which is natively optimized for iOS and Android. Offered as a desktop Mac application, the platform offers drag-and-drop functionality that is similar to the process that many people are used to using for online presentations. 

Users can custom build their own apps or choose ready-made application templates and skins. Users can develop as many apps as they like, with no purchase commitments or credit cards necessary through the free version to the Semble Share app already in the iOS and Android app stores. The cost to create a new branded app is $39 per month.

Among the functionality of the platform:

- Push Notifications: Send messages directly to users to keep them in the loop on news, events and special deals. 

- Analytics: Semble’s third-party analytics tool provides the ability to analyze audience behavior, engagement and conversions.

- RSS-Feeds: Add an RSS-feed to an app that can be integrated with a blog, news feed, or other media sources.

- Video: Add video to an app with the ability to stream from YouTube, Vimeo or any other online source.

- Parallax layers: Parallax offers an effect where the background image is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. 

- Drag and drop: Add and create app content, text, images, web and video blocks by dragging and dropping or cut/paste it into the app page.

- Share: Share content from the app through a number of standard social media channels.

- Instantly Update: Update an app with new content or edited content at anytime.

- Multiple Font Support: The platform supports all iOS standard fonts and for Android supports Android’s standard Robotic font.

- Templates: Create an app from a pre-created template that can be used as is or changed to create a custom fill.

- Phone & tablet support: Semble supports both smartphones and tablet with content that will scale up and down to fit all device formats.

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About the author: RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

As the Publisher and Editor for App Developer Magazine, Richard has several industry recognitions and endorsements from tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google for accomplishments in the mobile market. He was part of the early Google AFMA program, and also involved in the foundation of Google TV. He has been developing for mobile since 2003 and serves as CEO of Moonbeam Development, a mobile app company with 200 published titles in various markets throughout the world. Richard is also the founder of LunarAds, a mobile cross-promotion and self-serv mediation network for developers. He has been a featured presenter at trade-shows and conferences, and stays active with new projects relating to mobile development.

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