PTC Offers New Solution Stack for IoT Computing at the Edge

Posted 6/7/2016 7:12:35 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

PTC Offers New Solution Stack for IoT Computing at the Edge
PTC is expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) ThingWorx Platform by offering new distributed, real-time edge computing capabilities specifically designed for industrial use cases that supports distributed, hybrid deployments that include capabilities both at the edge and in the cloud.

PTC now offers a pre-integrated edge IoT ‘solution stack’ that collects and aggregates data from sensors, performs highly automated machine learning and predictive analytics, enables web and mobile development, and supports augmented reality (AR) experiences. 

The PTC platform offers comprehensive IoT computing at the edge - computing that occurs on or near the connected device itself. For organizations with cost, latency, and security considerations for computing, PTC removes reliance on the cloud, keeping the entire IoT computing operation onsite, close to the point of data acquisition. This provides capability at the edge for speed and efficiency and the opportunity to integrate to the cloud for enterprise connectivity and further computing. In situations where customers would like to deploy a distributed architecture, PTC offers pre-integrated access to a number of public device clouds with an open platform strategy.

Primary sensor data from control systems is collected and can be aggregated with data from secondary sensors collected via partners. Integration with PTC’s ThingWorx Analytics enables ingestion of sensor data into automated machine learning capabilities, enabling real-time anomaly detection and failure prediction. 

ThingWorx additionally provides web and mobile application enablement and runtime capabilities, providing development of role-based user experiences. PTC’s Vuforia Studio Enterprise enables the creation of both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences tuned for IoT use cases. 

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