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Mesosphere's DC/OS Now Integrates CloudBees Jenkins Continuous Delivery
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Mesosphere's DC/OS Now Integrates CloudBees Jenkins Continuous Delivery

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Open Source Thursday, June 2, 2016

CloudBees is now working with Mesosphere to support continuous delivery by running Jenkins on Mesosphere's Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS), offering an open platform for building, running and scaling modern enterprise applications. The new offering will provide the support for companies looking to scale workloads using containerized infrastructure.

Running on Mesosphere's Apache Mesos-based DC/OS platform, Jenkins can be dynamically scaled to run jobs across hundreds of Jenkins masters on Docker containers distributed across the DC/OS cluster. Jenkins is available on DC/OS as part of the DC/OS Universe “app store,” which offers one-click installation of distributed services. Jenkins is also part of Mesosphere Velocity, a top-to-bottom reference architecture for building a complete continuous integration/continuous delivery environment. 

Mesosphere offers an open source DC/OS platform to facilitate the process of deploying, managing and scaling modern applications, including Docker containers and big data systems. It is built on a foundation of Apache Mesos, which works under the covers to aggregate up to tens of thousands of machines into a single resource pool. DC/OS services are highly available, and users can deploy and manage distributed services, as well as massive collections of application containers, without configuring servers. 

CloudBees continuous delivery solutions are powered by Jenkins CI, an open source continuous integration server. The CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform provides a wide range of continuous delivery solutions for use on-premise and in the cloud.

Read more: https://mesosphere.com/blog/2016/06/02/dcos-datast...

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