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Opera Mediaworks Releases Mobile First Insights Advertising Report
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Opera Mediaworks Releases Mobile First Insights Advertising Report

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Thursday, May 19, 2016

Opera Mediaworks has released a new Mobile First Insights quarterly report that offers trends, advertising best practices, and what's new in mobile advertising technology and creativity

The new report is organized into three sections: Data, Technology and Creativity. Opera Mediaworks reviewed data from hundreds of global ad campaigns and billions of impressions served on the company’s platform and combined it with third-party data from external sources to create a snapshot of where the mobile marketing industry is today as well as how consumers are interacting with mobile content and advertising messages.

Looking at data from the top 100 apps that use Opera's mobile ad platform for app monetization of their traffic, the company saw that mobile users are spending about 30 minutes each in each of these apps with an average session length of 8.5 minutes.

Gaming and broad-based entertainment categories (news, arts, music) are the most advertised app categories to drive TV-sized reach and is where large amounts of time spent occurs. Numbers from the platform show that mobile has the ability to reach TV-sized audiences with apps such as Shazam, Ibotta and Weatherbug surpassing the reach of popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, Survivor and Scandal.

Highlights from the report include:

- Games is the top category for ad impressions and also have the longest average session times.

- Ads convert at a higher rate on Games apps than any other category.

- Music, Video & Media is the top category for engagement (as measured by click-through Rate - CTR) followed by Travel and Lifestyle.

- Though the volume of impressions on mobile apps vs. mobile web are comparable, apps generate more than twice the engagement and 13.5 times the revenue.

Read more: http://operamediaworks.com/innovation-and-insights...


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