Appodeal's Programmatic Ad Mediation Platform Now Offers Ad Effectiveness Analytics

Posted 5/18/2016 1:01:53 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Appodeal has announced new functionality to its programmatic ad mediation for mobile apps, including a new Insights feature giving publishers multidimensional intelligence into the effectiveness of in-app ads. With this information, app publishers can take proactive steps to improve ad revenue generation across various audiences, device types and network usage scenarios.  

Appodeal’s SDK consists of ten lines of code and should take less than an hour for app publishers to integrate. It works by tracking down the most profitable ads on the market (through ad networks, as well as direct advertisers), displaying the ads and then facilitating payment to app publishers.  App publishers have the option of being paid on a monthly basis or upon request through the payment vehicle of their choice (for example, PayPal, Bitcoin or wire transfer).

The new Appodeal Insights spotlights how various usage trends and user profiles impact advertising performance. In addition to understanding ad effectiveness in various metrics (impression, clicks, eCPM or click-through-rate, i.e. CTR, per device manufacturer), the platform can provide insight into:

- The effectiveness of ads coming from various ad networks.

- How ad placement within the app impacts eCPM – which can be used to determine the best ad placement strategy.

- Software package version: This parameter is  useful when there are multiple versions of an app, so publishers can see if changes made in the latest version have impacted ad effectiveness.

- User profiles insights: Publishers can get information about the users such as their gender, age, education and relationship status, which allows them to monetize  more effectively;

- Device types: App publishers can better understand the end-user experience with ads across various device types. For example, if a publisher finds that the performance of an ad is faster and more reliable on tablets, they can work to improve the end-user experience on smartphones.

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About the author: RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

As the Publisher and Editor for App Developer Magazine, Richard has several industry recognitions and endorsements from tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google for accomplishments in the mobile market. He was part of the early Google AFMA program, and also involved in the foundation of Google TV. He has been developing for mobile since 2003 and serves as CEO of Moonbeam Development, a mobile app company with 200 published titles in various markets throughout the world. Richard is also the founder of LunarAds, a mobile cross-promotion and self-serv mediation network for developers. He has been a featured presenter at trade-shows and conferences, and stays active with new projects relating to mobile development.

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