Apple Still Leads Tablet Market but Microsoft Has Significant Increase in Share

Posted 5/16/2016 3:42:03 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Apple Still Leads Tablet Market but Microsoft Has Significant Increase in Share
In the highly competitive tablet category for Q1 2016, Apple’s dominance is being challenged from a number of companies, with Microsoft as the top contender. In a recent report by 1010data Apple remained the #1 tablet brand sold online, however, Microsoft increased share year-over-year with increasing sales for its Surface Pro and Surface Book. 

The tablet market is still innovating, as can be seen with the category of  “laplets” – a crossover between a laptop and a tablet – which accounted for a 33% of sales for the tablet category for the quarter. The biggest gainer was Microsoft who captured an incremental +9% in Q1 share year-over-year. Amazon lost -4% in Q1 share year-over-year. Here are the top brands by dollar sales volume for Q1 2016.

1. Apple - 32.5%
2. Microsoft - 25.0%
3. Lenovo – 10.9%
4. Dell – 9.1%
5. Hewlett Packard – 6.5%
6. Amazon = 5.5%
7. ASUS – 4.6%
8. Samsung – 4.4%
9. Toshiba – 1.5%
From an online sales standpoint, Amazon is the leading e-commerce retailer for tablets but is losing share to Best Buy, Apple, and Microsoft Store. Here are the top sites by dollar sales volume for Q1 2016.

1. – market – 26.2%
2. – 18.2%
3. – 13.6%
4. – 10.8%
5. – direct – 10.6%
6. – 5.3%
7. – 4.2%
8. – 2.4%
9. – 2.3%
10. – 1.8%

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