Neo4j 3.0 Native Graph Database Drivers Now Support Java, .NET, JavaScript and Python

Posted 4/29/2016 3:52:01 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Neo4j 3.0 Native Graph Database Drivers Now Support Java, .NET, JavaScript and Python
Neo Technology has announced the availability of Neo4j 3.0, the latest release of the company’s native graph database that offers new scalability, language drivers and more. 

A new binary wire protocol, Bolt, is Neo4j 3.0’s new official language driver which is now available for Java, .NET, JavaScript and Python. The new Neo4j 3.0 release offers a step change in the power to carry out real-time queries against graphs of massive size, while retaining its performance advantages. It is appropriate for large-scale applications including real-time retail recommendations, on-the-fly fraud prevention and IoT applications.

Highlights of the new release;

- A new storage engine that does away with previous upper scaling limits while retaining Neo4j’ s performance advantages.

- Bolt, a new lightweight and efficient binary protocol designed for lightning-fast access to the graph.

- New official, in-house language drivers for Java, .NET, JavaScript and Python.

- Support for Java Stored Procedures, allowing features, such as schema introspection, to be added to the database and combined with the power of Bolt and Cypher.

- New cost-based query optimizer for writes, as well as improvements to Cypher performance throughout, producing better, faster queries across the board.

- A new configuration and logging structure to support modern deployment scenarios, making it possible to run Neo4j anywhere.

In addition to the new features in Neo4j, Neo Technology has also launched a new companion cloud service, Neo4j Browser Sync. Available at no cost, this service augments Neo4j’s free developer tooling by letting users save and synchronize their favorite scripts and settings.

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