New SolidFire Python SDK for OpenStack Developers

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Posted 4/28/2016 5:07:05 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

New SolidFire Python SDK for OpenStack Developers
SolidFire is a provider of all-flash storage systems built for the Next Generation Data Center and has released its Python SDK to help reduce the amount of additional time and coding required for integration and orchestration between SolidFire’s platform and third-party applications. It allows developers to integrate SolidFire’s API with the Python programming language, a popular languages for OpenStack users.

The Python SDK release is the latest addition to SolidFire’s list of published developer resources for Java, .NET and PowerShell, all of which make it easier for developers to accelerate the tasks required to provision, mount and manage scalable, high-performance application deployment on SolidFire’s storage platform. The Python SDK, which currently supports Python 2.7 and 3.3, reduces the amount of unique and template code needed to integrate with a SolidFire cluster. 

In addition to the benefits for OpenStack developers, the Python SDK will help existing VMware, System Center and PowerShell users who are looking to make the move to OpenStack. According to data from SolidFire’s Storage Automation Usage and Trends Report, 51 percent of current VMware automation users indicated that they were considering making the change to OpenStack within one year, which would result in a significant uptick in the number of developers in need of resources like the Python SDK.

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