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Playable Mobile Ads with Rewards Platform Launched By mNectar

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Posted Tuesday, April 26, 2016 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Playable Mobile Ads with Rewards Platform Launched By mNectar
App monetization provider mNectar has launched a rewarded playable mobile ad platform that encourages users to sample mobile games and apps without a download in exchange for perks. 

The rewarded playable ads compensate users for mobile ad engagement, allowing users the opportunity to opt-in and ‘test drive’ another game or app, and in the process, earn perks that let them play their current app longer.

The In-app rewarded playable ads are provided through mNectar’s cross-platform streaming network, Spectra, which can reach any mobile device across any network connection, from WiFi to LTE to EDGE. 

Users benefit from these types of ads because they are given the option to play another game or app, without being interrupted by interstitials or videos. Playable ads give advertisers a pay-by-play model, where advertisers only spend on users who have demonstrated engagement. This means there are no blind installs, as every interaction has been tracked along the path to conversion.


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