Microsoft Cloud App Security is Now Generally Available

Posted 4/13/2016 9:04:29 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Microsoft Cloud App Security is Now Generally Available
The Microsoft Cloud App Security platform is now generally available offering a cloud-delivered service built for cloud apps.

The platform offers two main components: (1) Discovery of cloud usage in a company using log-based traffic analysis and (2) Granular control for sanctioned apps leveraging API-based integration. With platform’s tools to help uncover Shadow IT, assess risk, enforce policies, investigate activities and stop threats, companies can safely move to the cloud while maintaining control of critical data.

The solution provides a set of capabilities to help companies design and enforce a process for securing cloud usage from discovery and investigation capabilities, to granular control and protection. It offers IT security teams visibility, controls and threat protection for cloud app usage and a way to control it through policy.

Cloud App Security provides:

- App Discovery: Cloud App Security identifies all cloud applications in a network from all devices and provides risk scoring and ongoing risk assessment and analytics.

- Data Control: With special focus on sanctioned apps, companies can set granular controls and policies for data sharing and loss prevention (DLP) leveraging API-based integration. There are out-of-the box policies as well as the ability to build and customize controls and policies.

- Threat Protection: Cloud App Security provides threat protection for cloud applications leveraging user behavioral analytics and anomaly detection.

The Cloud App Security framework includes the ability to:

- Uncover Shadow IT with Cloud App Security to gain visibility by discovering apps, activities, users, data and files in cloud environments as well as third-party apps that are connected to the cloud.

- Investigate cloud apps using cloud forensics tools to deep-dive into risky apps, specific users and files in a network as well as finding patterns in the data collected from the cloud and generating reports to monitor the cloud.

- Mitigate risk by setting policies and alerts in order to achieve maximum control over network cloud traffic. Use Cloud App Security to migrate users to safe, sanctioned cloud app alternatives.

- Use Cloud App Security to sanction/unsanction applications, enforce DLP, control permissions and sharing, and generate custom reports and alerts. Mitigate risk by setting policies and alerts in order to achieve maximum control over network cloud traffic. 

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