Two Roads Software Releases Corporate Compliance Monitoring Platform

Posted 4/1/2016 8:06:49 AM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Two Roads Software Releases Corporate Compliance Monitoring Platform
Two Roads Software, a data analytics start-up, has released OBSERV, a corporate communication monitoring application available in the Google Apps Marketplace.

OBSERV monitoring provides corporate compliance teams with a solution that identifies potential risks within a firm's electronic communications in real time providing the ability to understand communication within its context and notifying users in real time of risks based on pre-trained policies.

The platform integrates all communication channels including, email, social media, instant messages and mobile messaging and displays them in a single platform for an integrated reviewing process. 

OBSERV offers built in policy monitoring including:

- Profanity: The profanity policy recognizes messages with language that is considered rude or offensive.

- Harassment: The harassment policy detects communication that utilizes threatening or intimidating language.

- Employee Turnover: The employee turnover policy indicates when an employee is either looking for a new job or planning departure from the firm

- Personal Information: The personal information policy notifies you that potentially private customer or employee information is being included in communications putting persons at risk for identity theft.

- Discrimination: The discrimination policy detects communications that may violate policies relative to actions and/or behaviors directly based on someone’s race, sex, religion, disability, age, and/or national origin.

- Company Proprietary: The company proprietary policy ensures that notification occurs if and when potentially private company information is being sent to emails outside the company, to include private employee email accounts.

- Custom Policies: Companies can create their own policies, then train the policy utilizing relevant communications. OBSERV learns the patterns and will begin to identify future occurrences automatically.

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