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New Tools Make Reviewing Code on GitHub Easier

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3/16/2016 12:06:10 PM
New Tools Make Reviewing Code on GitHub Easier
Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

New Tools Make Reviewing Code on GitHub Easier
GitHub has released several new tools to make it easier to review code on the platform. These and future changes are being introduced to help developers document and understand how and why a codebase has evolved.

The new functionality includes: 

- A way to find what you’re looking for faster: You can use the new files list to search by extensions or filter by filename to find exactly what you’re looking to review.

- Finer-grained review: The most popular way to review code is by reviewing all changes in a pull request at once, but if your team uses a commit-by-commit workflow, you’ll now have access to the new commits list in the review bar to find the commit you want to review.

- View comments with more context: To ensure your conversations about code and accompanying diffs are never lost, GitHub has made it easier to get deeper context on any line comment, even if it has been outdated by newer changes.

- Pick up where you left off: Now you will see a timeline indicator so you’ll be able to view new changes that occurred after you last reviewed a pull request.


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