Heroku has Introduced Add-on Controls for Heroku Enterprise

Posted 2/26/2016 12:05:43 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Heroku has Introduced Add-on Controls for Heroku Enterprise
Heroku has released Add-on Controls for Heroku Enterprise. This new feature enables development team leads to whitelist specific add-ons for approved use within their organization, choosing from Heroku’s marketplace of over 150 add-on services. 

Heroku reports that the ability to standardize the add-on technologies being used across all the apps and developers in an organization is something many of its Heroku Enterprise customers have asked for, especially those with fast-growing teams.

The feature facilitates the ability for dev team members to view and install the add-ons that are whitelisted for their organization. This view can be especially helpful when onboarding new developers to the team, as it provides a quick way for them to see which technologies are approved for use in an organization and to hit the ground running. 

In addition, the Add-ons Whitelist can be kept dynamically up to date as new add-ons become available and are chosen, eliminating the need for email or wiki page updates. Team leads can choose to provide an approved vendor for each category of functionality (logging, messaging, caching and so on), narrowing down the many choices currently available in each category. Add-ons which are not whitelisted for use are marked as restricted and cannot be installed.

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