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New xMatters Integration Platform Offers DevOps Intelligent Communication Connectivity
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New xMatters Integration Platform Offers DevOps Intelligent Communication Connectivity

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

xMatters has announced the general availability of its integration platform offering intelligent communication connectivity technology that supports DevOps adoption.

The xMatters’ cloud platform accelerates business processes through intelligent communication which pinpoints and alerts the individuals, teams and external service providers required to work together to quickly manage any business scenario along with resolving incidents, such as service disruptions and technical issues that interrupt the flow of day-to-day operations.

The platform supports successful DevOps implementation allowing a wide range of stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and stay aligned as they build, test and release new software more rapidly. It helps ensure important information is available as companies engage in high-velocity software release cycles, where it’s easy for key information to slip through the cracks or not get communicated to the right individuals, putting software delivery times or quality standards at risk.

The xMatters Integration Platform connects modern and legacy systems and business processes as it operationalizes, contextualizes and automates communications within DevOps processes to drive personalized communication at scale so individuals and teams can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

With its xMatters Global Partner Program xMatters offers more than 200 integrations and partnerships, including ServiceNow, Splunk, BMC Software, AppDynamics, New Relic, Salesforce and more.

Read more: http://www.xmatters.com/


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