2/19/2016 10:05:20 AM
Sierra Wireless New IoT Smart SIM technology and Connectivity Service
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Sierra Wireless New IoT Smart SIM technology and Connectivity Service


Sierra Wireless New IoT Smart SIM technology and Connectivity Service

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sierra Wireless has announced a new Smart SIM technology and connectivity service offering a fully integrated device-to-cloud solution, including hardware, managed connectivity, and cloud services for multi-operator, multi-regional IoT deployments.
The Smart SIM automatically selects networks based on the best service available in any given location. It comes with multiple operator profiles already installed, combining several MNO roaming SIMs into one physical Smart SIM. The on-board patented applet then intelligently selects the best available regional network operator at any given time resulting in better coverage and service up-time. 

Sierra Wireless’ fully redundant core network is designed and built for IoT connectivity and applications. The multi-operator Smart SIM selects the best available cellular network in any given location, ensuring the best possible data connection at all times. In the event a device loses network signal, whether in-transit or otherwise, the Smart SIM will detect this and re-establish the connection with another network automatically.

With a single Smart SIM and unified IoT Acceleration platform, Sierra Wireless can help simplify global IoT deployments, saving companies the time and expense of having to arrange multiple service agreements, SIMs and platforms, and the management of disparate vendors.
Companies can manage and automate all aspects of the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM using the company’s IoT Acceleration Platform, providing a way to integrate SIM logistics into their connected product or service. The IoT Acceleration Platform can also manage third-party network operator SIMs, providing customers a single unified connectivity management platform for all deployed SIMs.
Sierra Wireless’ connectivity service operates on 2G and 3G today, and LTE will be available in Q2 2016 on a worldwide basis. The Smart SIM is already LTE-ready and available today.