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Red Hat Brings Gluster Storage Technology to Google Cloud

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2/21/2016 2:06:10 PM
Red Hat Brings Gluster Storage Technology to Google Cloud
Posted Sunday, February 21, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

Red Hat Brings Gluster Storage Technology to Google Cloud
Red Hat has made its Gluster Storage solution (formerly Red Hat Storage Server) available on the Google Cloud Platform. Red Hat Gluster Storage provides elastic file storage across public and hybrid cloud environments.

Deploying Red Hat Gluster Storage on Google Cloud Platform enables companies to deploy the hardware storage technology on-premises and on Google Cloud Platform so users utilize hybrid cloud infrastructures and have the ability to take their existing applications with them as they move into the cloud. 

The new Red Hat Gluster Storage availability on the Google Cloud Platform offers the following capabilities.

- Elastic scalability: With Red Hat Gluster Storage, companies can have the elastic scalability to enable them to meet evolving business demands for their public cloud environments. Aggregating multiple Google Persistent Disks, Red Hat Gluster Storage can create a single, more secure and highly available storage pool that can scale to petabytes of data in minutes without disruption.

- Agility: Red Hat Gluster Storage provides the agility required to migrate data and applications to the public cloud or to extend on-premises storage infrastructure to the cloud. The POSIX-compatible distributed file system makes deploying a variety of applications to Google Cloud Platform possible by providing a compatible, universal storage platform without having to rewrite applications.

- Robust data protection for on-premise data: With Red Hat Gluster Storage, companies can integrate the cloud into their backup or data protection strategy. The public cloud can serve as a backup or disaster recovery solution for production data or applications, enabling customers to replicate data from on-premises environments to Google Cloud Platform.


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