Appmobi and Intel Partner to Offer Enterprise HTML5 and Cordova Based Apps

Posted 2/18/2016 4:05:26 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Appmobi and Intel Partner to Offer Enterprise HTML5 and Cordova Based Apps
Appmobi has announced the integration of its SaaS solution, Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform, with the Intel’s XDK. The new Appmobi plug-in with the Intel XDK allows Intel developers to build secure enterprise-grade hybrid HTML5 and Cordova-based mobile applications. The service is free for up to 500 devices and can be transitioned to private stack services.

Appmobi specializes in offering a cloud based mobile services platform for making hybrid apps based on HTML5 and Cordova-based. The Appmobi Security Kit provides developments team with configurable security options, including app and device level shared keys for encryption and identity verification as well as integration with most 3rd party authentication systems such as OAUTH, LDAP, and more.

Intel bought Appmobi’s HTML5 development tools in 2013 including the Appmobi XDK IDE, PhoneGap XDK, and GameDev XDK which now form framework for the Intel XDK. The two companies have continued to collaborate so the new partnership should be offer a seamless integration.

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