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ThoughtWorks Mingle Platform Takes a Team-Centric Approach to Scaling Agile

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Posted Monday, February 22, 2016 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

ThoughtWorks Mingle Platform Takes a Team-Centric Approach to Scaling Agile
ThoughtWorks’ Mingle project management tool provides IT teams with the ability to scale agility without reducing team autonomy by managing dependencies through peer-to-peer dialogue, while giving management end-to-end visibility.

The platform has recently released a dependency management feature set which integrates Agile at the program level providing real-time progress reports that allow proactive planning for timeline changes. The program planning feature gives program managers the ability to visualize a program's timeline and objectives. Once a program's plan and objectives have been created, program managers can check on the plan's progress, adjust their plan as necessary, or give extra support to teams that need it.

The platform provides flexibility when scaling Agility, ensuring teams can use the version of Agile they’re comfortable with and can incorporate into their current processes. Mingle has flexible work templates for Scrum and other methodologies.

The company will be offering a live demo on the Mingle platform on Tuesday, February 23 from 1-2 pm CST. The webinar will include a product overview, demo, and Q&A session.

ThoughtWorks also offers other platforms to speed the development process including Go - an open source continuous delivery server.


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