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Agile Alliance to Host Agile 2016 In Atlanta July 25-29

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Posted Thursday, February 18, 2016 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Agile Alliance to Host Agile 2016 In Atlanta July 25-29
The Agile Alliance will host the Agile 2016 conference in Atlanta, Georgia on July 25-29, providing an opportunity to dig deep into Agility and what it means for today’s IT departments. 

The event will offer more than 200 sessions and will examine the state of Agile and push Agile knowledge further, exploring a growing ecosystem of sophisticated way to enhance business value and efficiency through Agile methodologies. The event will explore the expanding toolbox that makes the Agile tool belt strong by sharing the stories from speakers representing distinct voices and perspectives.

Last year’s event was sold out with over 2,300 attendees and the Agile Alliance expects this year’s event to top out at over 2,500. The event offers a wide range of keynotes, panels, workshops, exhibits, and entertainment that showcase leading advancements from the leaders in Agile Software Development.


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