2/16/2016 2:05:35 PM
ContainerX Releases New Integration with VMware's vSphere
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ContainerX Releases New Integration with VMwares vSphere

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ContainerX Releases New Integration with VMware's vSphere

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ContainerX has released a new beta integration with VMware’s vSphere into its container platform that is IT managed, with developer self-service using standard Docker CLI.

ContainerX offers a solution for multi-tenant container management, including orchestration, compute, network and storage management. ContainerX’s Elastic Container Clusters and Container Pools provide multi-tenancy and resiliency, elasticity and horizontal scalability for on-premise virtual machine-based clusters. ContainerX will be available in general availability in May 2016.

The ContainerX solution offers:

_ All-in-one platform: Bare metal and virtual machine, Linux and Windows, private and public cloud.

- Enterprise-grade management: Day-zero setup, seamless day-N operations, alerts, monitoring and analytics.

- Comprehensive solution: Ready-to-go package including orchestration, compute, networking and storage.

- Highly resilient: Protection from rogue containers crashing or starving other containers
multi-tenant and isolated – Container Pools with CPU, memory and network limits and access controls.

- Horizontally scalable: Scale-out platform with dynamic addition and removal of hosts

- Elastic Container Clusters: Patent-pending container technology that provides a highly resilient and elastic container infrastructure, as well as auto-scaling Container Pools based on CPU, memory limits and priorities.


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