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Insight Into Growing an API-Driven Business

2/12/2016 1:05:59 PM
Insight Into Growing an API-Driven Business
Posted Friday, February 12, 2016 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Insight Into Growing an API-Driven Business
Fast on the heels of Visa’s recent announcement of its Visa Developer platform, Visa and API management firm Apigee have published a new eBook titled "Growing Your Business with APIs," which examines the process of how to build an API-driven business, how to choose the right API initiative, and how to get a fast start with  leveraging APIs.

Visa has hopped into API’s in a big way with the recent launch of the Visa Developer platform which provides access to some of Visa’s most popular payment technologies and services including account holder identification, person-to-person payment capabilities, secure in-store and online payment services such as Visa Checkout, currency conversion and consumer transaction alerts. Visa plans to provide access to more of its payment capabilities throughout the year.

Apigee offers an intelligent API platform that offers API management, design, analytics, and security. Together with the new publication, Visa and Apigee offer their unique perspectives in how APIs can and should play a foundational role in realizing a company’s digital strategy. 

The publication delves into how companies can create and maintain a multi-pronged API-first approach to securely deliver intelligent and connected digital experiences to customers, partners, and employees; accelerate multichannel strategies; and improve internal processes and even help create entirely new business models . These companies do so by using APIs and API-based architectures to enable:

- Decoupling of systems of engagement from systems of record, providing the agility and
speed necessary to deliver apps and experiences at app-store speed but maintaining
security, control and reliability in the backend systems of record.

- Opening up to partners and developers, spurring innovation and reducing time to market. An app developer typically can’t simply access a typical internal system at a Fortune 500 company. Providing this kind of access often requires a very deliberate, thoughtful and secure process on behalf of the business.

- Designing of products and services with increased emphasis on the consumer experience.

- Leveraging the data flow from apps and consumers and across lines of business to help
build intelligent and personalized experiences.

APIs have become a foundational technology that enables businesses to participate in the digital economy and the new eBook provides a roadmap on how to do so. 


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