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Chirp for iOS and Android Finally Arrives
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Chirp for iOS and Android Finally Arrives

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Monday, April 15, 2013

After months in development and two app store rejections, Moonbeam Development (US Mobile App Company) finally gets the nod from Apple that their app "Chirp" is ready for sale! Chirp is a unique GEO location based app that uses cloud services to allow both iOS and Android devices to track each other from anywhere in the world. It was built on the Corona platform, one of the most popular app creation platforms on the planet - even used by EA!

"Now, regardless of the device being used, friends and families can keep tabs on each other by "chirping" with each other." Says CEO Richard Harris

Wonder where if your kids are really where they say they are? Have them download Chirp and send you their location. Need to check on the status of an elderly family member, Chirp can help there too by sending automatic updates to the people tracking them. You can even watch someone along their path as they travel using Chirp!

The best part about Chirp is that is works across multiple devices running the Apple iOS operating system, and the Android operating system. Just download the version for your device!
Future releases for Windows Phone, and BlackBerry are in the making now as well.

Chirp for iOS can be downloaded here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chirp/id491010246?ls 

Read more: http://mychirp.co


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