Must Have Apps for this Sunday's Big Game

Posted 2/5/2016 10:59:53 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Must Have Apps for this Sunday
(Contributed By Amazon Appstore Editors)

More than 110 million viewers are expected to tune in to watch this Sunday’s Big Game, making it the biggest sporting event in the country. However, preparing for the game starts well before Sunday. 

After a long, exciting season, two teams will battle it out in the trenches while the rest of the country cheers on from their couches at home. Whether you're a football diehard or just a casual tailgater, there are several different ways to get ready for this year’s game, all starting from your mobile device.

Take a tip from the editors at the Amazon Appstore, and download these essential apps to help you tackle game day like a pro. 

Team Apps

No Sunday playbook is complete without scouting the opposition. Whether you have a hometown favorite or just looking to catch up on the latest, you can download the official team apps for both the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Developed by YinzCam, Inc., the apps let you can access photos, video-on-demand from press conferences and interviews, and updated news direct from the team websites. 

Game Coverage

If you’re looking for some unbiased reporting, you can track coverage from Media Day to the big game with sports news apps including The Bleacher ReportThe Washington Post and USA Today. With real-time notifications and a slew of reporters on the ground, you’ll be up to speed on the latest sidelines chatter, injury reports and developments from Levi’s Stadium.

Party Planning

Planning a party and need some teamwork to get it done? Become a franchise party host or hostess with the mostess with help from apps like Salsa Recipes and Mr. Bartender, or call in some big name free agents with the Domino’s Pizza or Papa John's Pizza apps before kickoff.

Play Games

It’s not just the teams on the gridiron that get to play. Work your way down the field with Flick Kick Field Goal KickoffTap Sports Football and Football Heroes PRO 2016, or you can get the party started with your group of friends by playing Sports Jeopardy.

With the game just days away, we hope these red zone suggestions from the Amazon Appstore will help you get ready for the food, fun and football this super Sunday. May the best team win!

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