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New iSheriff Complete Platform Offers a Cloud Based Cyber Security Platform

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Posted Tuesday, February 02, 2016 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

New iSheriff Complete Platform Offers a Cloud Based Cyber Security Platform
Cloud security provider iSheriff has released iSheriff Complete, a cyber security platform designed to provide 360-degree protection of an organization’s devices and communication channels. iSheriff Complete is a cloud based platform that provides fully-integrated endpoint, Web and email security, delivered through a single Web-based management console with a single set of enforceable security policies.

Offered as a  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, iSheriff Complete provides malware protection and control of Web, email and endpoint vectors protecting internet-enabled devices including laptops, servers, tablets, point of sale terminals, industrial equipment and IoT technologies. As a cloud-based platform, iSheriff removes potential malware and viruses before they ever reach a company’s network through Web or email communications providing a “clean feed” for email and Web traffic.

The iSheriff Complete cyber security platform includes:

- Endpoint, Web & Email: Complete vector control and visibility designed to enforce common security policies across vectors, as well as track users both on and off the network.

- Threat Detection Engine: The core of iSheriff’s security operates around the globe, detecting new threats, developing new signatures and propagating those in a matter of seconds.

- Active Response Console: iSheriff’s interface allows organizations to control their entire cyber security system from one interface displaying what threats are seen and what actions need to be taken. 


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