Neotys Offers New Platform for Testing and Monitoring the Full Application Lifecycle

Posted 1/31/2016 3:05:55 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Neotys Offers New Platform for Testing and Monitoring the Full Application Lifecycle
Neotys is introducing a new Continuous Performance Validation (CPV) platform for load testing and performance monitoring for the application lifecycle. The new solution leverages automated and collaborative tooling to provide the ability to conduct testing as much as needed throughout the software lifecycle including application component testing (pre­-GUI API or Web Services), system-wide application tests, and monitoring in production.

The Neotys Continuous Performance Validation solution consists of: NeoLoad for load and performance testing; NeoSense for 24×7 synthetic monitoring and Neotys Team Server for collaboration and shared licenses.

The new solution performs automated component tests through CI servers and NeoLoad’s web services capabilities, and then provides the ability for developers to share these test assets to QA so they can merge and create system wide tests, then pass those assets along to Ops teams to leverage for monitoring profiles in NeoSense to ensure performance in production meets expectations.

Integrations include:

- Continuous Integration servers for automated testing
- Functional testing tools for end user experience metrics
- APM tools for code­level diagnostics
- Infrastructure monitoring dashboards for a centralized view

Benefits of the platform include:

- Faster performance of applications and better experiences for users
- Quicker time to market for new features and enhancements
- Easier interaction and greater efficiency across Dev, QA, Ops, and Business

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