Five Mobile App User Retention Tips to Kick Off 2016

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Posted 1/28/2016 8:06:55 AM by BARRY COLEMAN, CEO at UserCare

Five Mobile App User Retention Tips to Kick Off 2016
As app engagement significantly decreases 24 hours after initial install, today’s developers should always look for ways to reverse app removal, alleviate user dissatisfaction and combat lack of usage.

This lack of longevity in app usage will be especially apparent now, after consumers’ holiday downtime has come to an end. Barry Coleman, CEO of UserCare, stresses the importance of extending user loyalty and is now working with app developers to deliver enhanced customer experiences through improved customer service and support. 

He provides these five strategies for best practices in achieving improved in-app customer service and retention:

1 - Offer post-holiday promotions: Users are bombarded with discounts for weeks leading up to the holidays, but post-holiday incentives will encourage them to continue use of the app even after the prime spending season ends.

2 - Incorporate rewarded in-app ads: Grant users an in-app reward upon completion of an ad view will enable you to monetize your new users and give them a way to earn currency or bonuses that will keep them engaging with your app.

3 - Launch retargeting campaigns: As 56.9 million U.S. consumers planned to purchase tech products during the holiday season, engaging idle or lapsed users on their new devices and within other apps they frequent can help draw them back to your app.

4 - Implement responsive support: The first few days after an app install are crucial in winning over your users - so make it incredibly easy for them to learn the ins and outs of your app, and to request help if they get stuck.

5 - Personalize outreach: Keep your app top of mind by sending content and push notifications that lead users back to your app - in this case, the more personalized the message and offer, the better.

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About the author: BARRY COLEMAN, CEO at UserCare

Barry Coleman is CEO at UserCare, an in-app customer service solution that uses bigdata to help companies grow lifetime value by blending real-time support withrelationship management. Barry is also SVP of Engineering at Manage, thepremier mobile performance advertising platform. Prior to UserCare, he servedas CTO and VP of Support and Customer Optimization Products at ATG, which wasacquired by Oracle for $1 billion. Barry is the author on several patents andapplications in the areas of online customer support, including cross-channeldata passing, dynamic customer invitation and customer privacy. He holds a Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex.

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