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Lagoa Puts 3D Rendering in the Cloud for App Developers

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Posted Thursday, April 11, 2013 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Lagoa Puts 3D Rendering in the Cloud for App Developers
3D used to be reserved for high end graphics chipsets and native hardware but not any more thanks to Lagoa bringing some pretty fancy 3D rendering tools to the cloud and accessible through your web browser.

"Everyone needs to render when working with 3D content, but traditionally that demands enormous compute power and a lot of patience. We made it fast, collaborative, and photoreal," Lagoa CEO Thiago Costa told me from his Quebec-based office.

Lagoa isn't a magic wand into 3D, but it will generate new 3D objects for you based on AutoCAD or .OBJ files you upload. There are a number of built in models you can use as well that you basically add your own images too. This is where things get really sweet because once you get them into Lagoa you can manipulate the materials like metals, lighting, position of camera, and more.

Their launch was just a few weeks ago and have already signed on over 4,000 developers. You get 4 hours of free rendering per month plus a 1 GB storage space on their servers. There are different tiered payment options more overall the more you render the more you pay - hence the cloud part of it all.


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