Orasi Software Launches New Tool to Analyze Performance Testing Data

Posted 12/23/2015 9:47:01 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Orasi Software Launches New Tool to Analyze Performance Testing Data
Orasi Software has released a new Performance Test Intelligence Connector (OPTIC), which offers an integration tool designed to allow better visibility into virtual load impact for organizations using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) LoadRunner and AppDynamics. 

The functional, uncomplicated tool allows operations teams to streamline complex software analysis. The tool acts as a conduit for performance testing data to aggregate with transaction data, effectively creating a common analysis platform for developers, QA and operations. The result is improved collaboration and speedier turnaround time during performance troubleshooting and solution optimization.

“To minimize the incidence of application failure, most DevOps and operations managers understand the importance of application performance monitoring in production, yet traditional monitoring tools often lack the ability to provide insight into the impact of virtual load on the system,” said Alex Darby, Technical Support Engineer. “This shortcoming makes it difficult for operations teams to evaluate performance testing data along with their own transaction data, which in turn makes it harder to pinpoint performance issues and resolve bottlenecks. OPTIC eliminates this deficiency.”

OPTIC inserts transaction headers - for a single selection, the current file or all project files - that contain the proper formatting for those transactions to automatically display in AppDynamics. HPE LoadRunner transaction names can also be viewed within AppDynamics side-by-side with the other business transactions automatically being generated by the monitored system. 

This behavior allows the operations teams to see exactly when virtual load was applied and what transactions were affected, all in real time. And this can be done with minimal configuration, significantly decreasing the time spent customizing transactions in AppDynamics.

OPTIC facilitates analysis of the impacted code at every layer, greatly reducing the time required to identify bottlenecks. With OPTIC running, teams can also identify HPE LoadRunner or HPE Performance Center custom events directly from within AppDynamics.

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