Red Hat Updates Open Source Web Tools With Software Collections 2.1

Posted 11/19/2015 8:24:32 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Red Hat Updates Open Source Web Tools With Software Collections 2.1
Red Hat has released Red Hat Software Collections 2.1 into general availability offering new functionality to the platform’s open source web development tools, dynamic languages and databases. Developers can expect a continuing more frequent release cycle of the Software Collections than with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

Red Hat Software Collections 2.1 features several new and updated collections, including: Varnish Cache 4.0.3, a caching HTTP reverse proxy that is able to help accelerate web applications; nginx 1.8, an updated version of the popular HTTP and reverse proxy server; node.js 0.10.40, an updated version of the runtime environment for developing server-side web applications; and an updated Maven 3.0 collection with additional packages.

For developers looking to take advantage of the rapid development and deployment cycles inherent to Linux containers, many of the Red Hat Software Collections have been made available as Dockerfiles. In addition, many of the Software Collections are also now available as Docker-formatted container images via the Red Hat Customer Portal.
Applications built with Red Hat Software can expect most of the software collections and components to be supported for three years. In addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7, applications built with Red Hat Software Collections can also be deployed to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host and OpenShift, Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
Also announced in GA is Red Hat Developer Toolset 4, which helps to streamline application development on Red Hat Enterprise Linux by giving developers access to the latest, stable open source C and C++ compilers and complementary development and performance profiling tools. Accessible through the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program and related subscriptions, Red Hat Developer Toolset helps enable developers to compile applications once and deploy across multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
New additions and updated components of Red Hat Developer Toolset 4 include:

- GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 5.2

- The GNU Project Debugger (GDB) 7.10

- Eclipse Mars (4.5)

- Many updates to toolchain components and performance tools, such as binutils (2.25) and SystemTap (2.8)
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