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RealTimes Stories SDK Allows Mobile Developers to Integrate Video Stories

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Posted Friday, November 13, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

RealTimes Stories SDK Allows Mobile Developers to Integrate Video Stories
RealNetworks has released the RealTimes Stories SDK that will allow developers to integrate RealTimes Stories platform into native mobile apps. Android and iOS developers can use the SDK provide users with the ability to create video montages and add functionality when organizing and share images.

The RealTimes platform provides the ability for an app to automatically pick the best moments from a consumer’s photo and video camera roll and instantly create a RealTimes Story which can be customized by rearranging clips and photos, changing the duration, and adding filters and personal soundtracks.

RealNetworks has partnered with Synchronoss Technologies, a cloud solutions and software-based activation provider, for distribution of the RealTimes SDK through the Synchronoss’ Personal Cloud product.
The RealTimes Stories SDK features include:

- Allows mobile developers to use the RealTimes to provide their users with an engaging multimedia experience.

- Analyzes photos and videos on a user’s device choosing the best photos based on quality and picking the most interesting parts of video clips.

- Groups photos and videos into albums by date or location and automatically turns them into RealTimes Stories which can offer animated slideshows of the best captured moments set to music.

- Handles the behind-the-scenes communication between the developer’s app and the RealTimes app to support easy RealTimes Story creation, immediate playback and syncing, security and device-specific video transcoding.


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