Appmobi Provides Enterprise Security to Hybrid HTML5 and Cordova Mobile Apps

Posted 11/10/2015 11:02:53 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Appmobi Provides Enterprise Security to Hybrid HTML5 and Cordova Mobile Apps
Appmobi has released the new Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform providing enterprise-grade security to hybrid HTML5 and Cordova mobile apps. The Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform integrates and works with a developer’s existing development tools, providing the services required to build secure hybrid apps in an easy-to-install package that can be hosted on an enterprise’s private cloud or on premise.
The Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform consists of five core services:

Appmobi Security Kit: Provides a foundation to build secure apps. Security settings are configurable and app data is protected at-rest, in-use, and in-transport. Developers can integrate applications with existing authentication gateways and can quickly select their level of data encryption and user authentication.

Secure Push Messaging: Offered as part of a core line of defense to secure enterprise messages, it encrypts messages with multiple levels of key security (server/device), and offers the ability to force authentication on top of the encryption to keep information confidential.

Secure Live Update: Enables companies with the opportunity to update apps when they want and how they want via secure encrypted packets that are matched up with appropriate app keys.

Secure Analytics: Delivers real-time intelligence from a scalable, secure private stack and is tested for optimal enterprise use, helping developers know what they’re protecting while they’re protecting it.

Secure Data Store: Provides a safe and secure way to store encrypted data on the mobile device as well as with the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform server - mirrored from device to server with configurable syncing options.
Appmobi was originally founded in April 2006 and its Appmobi Software Development Kit (SDK) was acquired by Intel in February 2013. The transferred technology now forms the basis of the Intel XDK, which allows developers to build optimized HTML5 applications for mobile platforms. Appmobi maintains a relationship with Intel, and makes the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform available to developers who use the Intel XDK.
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