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Software AG webMethods Integration Platform V9.9 Offers Hybrid Cloud Integration Capabilities

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Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Software AG webMethods Integration Platform V9.9 Offers Hybrid Cloud Integration Capabilities
Software AG has released the latest version of it webMethods Integration Platform offering enhancements and expanding its hybrid cloud integration capabilities. With webMethod V9.9 there are a number of new enhancements for hybrid connectivity, cloud connectivity and advanced orchestration, for rapid development of agile applications.

The 9.9 release adds capabilities to Software AG’s Integration Cloud for connectivity and complex orchestrations. In addition to providing connectivity options for integrating Salesforce, new features include: 

- Connectivity packs for apps such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Magento, Zuora and others. 

- Over 20 new cloud connectors are now added for cloud connectivity. 

- Advanced features such as REST metadata look up and Odata 2 support for Salesforce.

- Lightening Connect to connect modern cloud apps. 

- For integrating business partners, a Drummond certified AS4 module is now available. 

- A new Data Stewards user interface is now available for the MDM users, providing contextual manipulation and advanced filtering of data sets,  plus expanded API support for handling complex business transactions involving multiple related data objects. 

- The newly launched API Cloud includes API versioning and full self-service customization. The new API portal will provide enhanced collaboration and direct API import capabilities. The new cloud will provide a stand-alone portal for APIs while offering 3rd party integration extension points. Support for both RAML and SWAGGER standards helps continue to make the API Cloud a comprehensive API platform for enabling, mediating, securing and monitoring the APIs. 


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