Electric Cloud Releases New Application Lifecycle Management Tool

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 by STUART PARKERSON, Global Sales

Electric Cloud has announced the availability of ElectricFlow Release which helps companies speed application releases by streamlining and automating software deliveries into release pipelines. Aligning with the concept of DevOps, it replaces checklists and spreadsheets with a single, unified view across both traditional and continuous delivery style application releases.

Designed for production operations and IT release managers, ElectricFlow Release allows software delivery teams to collaborate, plan and execute all functions within the application lifecycle in a unified and automated fashion. It provides shared control and visibility over the software delivery lifecycle.

The platform provides the ability to model complex commit and deployment pipelines increasing confidence of the production readiness of the software to be released at each stage. Core functionality of ElectricFlow Release includes:

- Visual Pipelines: To model a reusable path to production across multiple stages and environments.

- Release Planner: To plan, coordinate, build, execute and communicate the status of releases to stakeholders.

- Environment Templates: Provides support for dynamic Cloud and hybrid environments to provision, configure and de-commission resources on-demand.

- Release Dashboard: To review status of all environments and applications involved in a release.

Using ElectricFlow Release provides the ability to: 

- Make Room for Manual Approvals: Enables visibility, coordination, and control for software moving through the software delivery life cycle. Enforces that software is not promoted to production until it has passed quality gates and gotten required approvals.

- Multi-App Releases: Ensure the right set of apps gets deployed to production and reduce deployment problems with a single view of all the applications in a release and which versions are in which environments along the releases path to production. Make releases faster and more Agile by capturing all input to execute and track all steps involved in complex releases comprised of multiple interdependent applications.

- Release Path to Production View: Provides a single view of all the applications in a release and which versions are in which environments along the releases path to production. Ensures that the right set of apps gets deployed to production.

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