10/15/2015 7:18:37 PM
SAP Launches SAP Cloud for Analytics SaaS
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SAP Launches SAP Cloud for Analytics SaaS


SAP Launches SAP Cloud for Analytics SaaS

Thursday, October 15, 2015

SAP has released the new SAP Cloud for Analytics, a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It offers a real-time platform to be embedded with existing SAP solutions and to connect to cloud and on-premise data. 

The new platform delivers planning, predictive and business intelligence (BI) capabilities in one analytics experience. The intent is to offer a single solution to allow companies to track performance, analyze trends, predict and collaborate.

SAP will offer the SAP Cloud for Analytics in a fully scalable, multi-tenant environment. Benefits of the platform include:

- Unification of BI, planning, budgeting and predictive capabilities in a one-product experience, delivered as a pure cloud service.

- Delivery of business outcomes with workflows that go from real-time insight to taking action, all within the application.

- Access to all data gives business users the ability to easily sample, wrangle, combine and blend any data in the cloud.

- Served from a trusted and scalable platform that ensures enterprise readiness as well as a flexible, intuitive user interface (UI) designed for business users.

- Ability for lines of business analysts to build connected planning models, analyze data and collaborate in context for greater alignment and better business performance.

- Ability to spot market trends based on social media data analysis so that users can correlate those trends to know how much inventory is required to meet anticipated demand.