Basho Technologies Releases Distributed NoSQL Database Platform for IoT

Posted 10/15/2015 10:09:37 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Basho Technologies Releases Distributed NoSQL Database Platform for IoT
Basho Technologies has launched Basho Riak TS, a distributed NoSQL database architected to aggregate and analyze large amounts of sequenced, unstructured data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other time series data sources. Riak 

Riak TS is a distributed NoSQL database and key/value store optimized for fast reads and writes of time series data. It provides optimized range queries and data co-location that makes queries faster and easier to run. Riak TS automatically co-locates, replicates, and distributes data across the cluster to achieve fast performance and high availability. The masterless architecture enables near-linear scale using commodity hardware to provide the ability to add capacity as time series data grows.

Riak TS supports time series applications with the ability to:

- Ensure IoT or time series applications are always available for both read and write operations, with the ability to easily scale as devices or users increase.

- Add nodes to the cluster without sharding. With Riak TS, data is automatically and uniformly distributed across the cluster.

- Achieve faster read and write performance and predictably, even under peak loads. Data co-location ensures that time series data is located on the same node based on time, geohash or both to prevent hot spots in clusters.

- Ensure data accuracy with the ability to validate data on input.

- Query data with SQL-like queries.

- Meet unique application needs with APIs and client libraries including code in Java, Ruby, Python, Go, Erlang, Node.js or .NET.

- Integrate with Apache Spark to ensure easier and faster operational analysis of time series data.

- Integrate with the Basho Data Platform, which supports multiple database models, taking the complexity out of building and deploying active workloads in Big Data, IoT and hybrid cloud applications.

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