AppGyver Updates UI and UX for its HTML5 Hybrid App Builder

Posted 10/13/2015 12:05:38 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

AppGyver Updates UI and UX for its HTML5 Hybrid App Builder
AppGyver’s Composer platform offers the ability for developers to bootstrap HTML5 hybrid apps. In its Composer 2 release, the company has provided updates to its UI and UX to improve how the Composer 2 admin interface looks and how the UX flow works.

Composer 2 is AppGyver’s visual bootstrapping tool that allows developers to quickly finish hashing out a new app idea then grab code to continue developing. The platform offers the ability to drag and drop elements with fast data integration and visual logic editing. Logic can be visualized quickly and extended with custom JavaScript including success/fail callbacks.

The newly redesigned UI/UX flow has been reworked for how developers go about creating pages and defining their associated content sources, providing the ability to start working with the more advanced features faster. The changes are also aimed at presenting a clearer logical understanding of how an app is coming together.

Composer is built with AngularJS, Ionic, PhoneGap and Steroids conventions and offers plug-and-play backends with integrated APIs which means data is available throughout an app right away by dragging it in.

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