IoT Provider myDevices Launches New Platform

Posted 10/12/2015 6:07:28 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

IoT Provider myDevices Launches New Platform
IoT Provider myDevices develops middleware platforms and application solutions for the Internet of Things and as part of its product offering has launched a new IoT Platform as a Service. The platform combines a consumer-facing front end with data collection, analysis, and engagement tools at the back end.  

The customizable IoT platform is combined with professional services to structure tailored solutions for companies that manufacture, support, or sell connected devices. The myDevices platform offers an end-to-end solution that also integrates with existing systems and products from multiple industries. myDevices is device-agnostic and connects to connected device including sensors, appliances, wearables, smartphones, PCs, home products, Raspberry Pis, and Arduinos. 

myDevices IoT Platform Capabilities

- Authentication & Access Control: Authentication of end points and users to access platform’s relevant resources. Verification policies or roles determine the appropriate access levels to IoT resources.

- Device/Sensor Discovery & Control: Discovery of all available devices/sensors in a network environment. Discovered devices can then be controlled through specific agents or protocols provided by the platform.

- Device, User, Product and Service Management:: Enables management of devices and its services at the user level. Sets of devices can be assigned to “users” while “groups” can comprise sets of users.

- Rules Engine: Processes data by filtering which specific subset of data is analyzed, identifies the expressions that apply, then executes the specified action a rule should take if all conditions are met.

- Real-Time & Big Data: Highly scalable storage system handling volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data. Complex event processing for near real-time actions.

- Real-Time Data Stream Processing: Acting as the Rules Engine input, it continuously collects data as it’s generated from devices and promptly reacts to critical information.

- Analytics & Visualization: Analytics tools to examine and visualize data and obtain valuable business insight on devices, users, usage, and more.

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