10/6/2015 2:09:03 PM
SmartBear Releases SwaggerHub API Lifecycle Management Platform
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SmartBear Releases SwaggerHub API Lifecycle Management Platform

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SmartBear Releases SwaggerHub API Lifecycle Management Platform

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

SmartBear Software has released SwaggerHub, a free platform that allows companies to collaborate on and coordinate across the workflow of an API’s lifecycle. 

Swagger is an API description format to design and deliver APIs for the IoT, microservices and mobile applications. SwaggerHub offers a centralized definition to allow teams to work together to design, build, document and manage APIs. 

The Swagger specification offers an open-source API definition and an open platform that can integrate with other API lifecycle tools. SwaggerHub includes connectors for GitHub, DockerHub and Ready! API, and also includes an open API that provides integration capabilities to the SwaggerHub Registry so API providers can publish and retrieve APIs from SwaggerHub.

SwaggerHub’s built-in editors allow developers to create the Swagger definition that everything else is based on, in an interface that lets developers write, visualize and validate all at the same time. Developers can work directly with stakeholders in all phases of building and managing an API by sharing the API with the members of a team and inviting them to collaborate.

SwaggerHub offers built-in services including code generation, versioning, push to GitHub, and publish, to coordinate across all the different phases of an API lifecycle. Developers can also the Swagger API to integrate with any tool a team uses.

Read more: https://swaggerhub.com/


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